Friday, July 5, 2013

Black People and Loving Each Other From A Deeper Place

Black people because of the things that have taken place in our past
we have issues around self-love and love for others (other black people)
We become jealous when other blacks are doing well
we want to destructive in other black peoples lives
when we feel insecure, lacking, or angry
We need to deal with those issues

One of the most basic ways to heal this
is to start putting your own energy into your dreams/intentions
and creating what you want from life

Know one else can deny you of what is meant for you
so instead of being jealous of someone else
and wanting to harm, hinder, or sabotage them
try putting that energy towards your own goals, dreams, and desires

Make the intention to love and respect other black people
and be happy for the success, loving relationships, happy homes, etc.

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