Friday, July 5, 2013

Black People and Our Hair

Black people we need to have the intention to love our hair
to love our natural hair
in its orginal state
yes, it is fine to be playful, to dress up, and to have some diversity
in your look....weaves, scurls, jeri curls, perms, conks, braids, extensions, etc.
but make sure it comes from a playful place
instead of just trying to hide yourself
Our kinky, tight curls are glorious
(I love how they curl at the tip of my dreadlocks!!)
and don't need to be straightened out (if that is not your truth)
also, calling our hair negative names (nappy, ni###a naps, etc)
does not serve us or our bodies
it is demeaning and it takes power away from your beauty
so do you
but also be you
You are amazing just the way you are

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